Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog

Designed by Steve Jackson, Scott Haring, Allen Varney, Martha Ladyman and Jim Gould • Illustrated by Denis Loubet, Kim Strombo, Kyle Miller, Jeff George, Jeff Hayes, Susan van Camp, Graham Chaffee, C. Mara Lee, Dan Willems and Pat Zircher • Based on Car Wars

40 pages. Softcover
Price $10
Stock # SJG1150T
January 2020

A Car Wars Supplement

Making a better world for Autoduelling!

Uncle Albert gives YOU the weapons, gadgets, and accessories YOU need for your Car Wars battles!

The most comprehensive selection ever offered to the general public! Since 2027, Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop has given autoduellists everywhere the state-of-the-art weaponry, defenses, and accessories they've come to depend on for success in the arena and survival on the road. 



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