One-Page Bulge

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Dave Martin and J. D. Webster

A 13" by 16" map, 112 unit counters in three colors, turn record track with CRT, this plastic Pocket Box, and ONE PAGE of rules
Price $20
Stock # SJG1150R * UPC 080742098886
January 2020


A regimental-level game with complete, detailed rules – including weather and Allied air superiority, German supply and isolation, and optional sections for bridge destruction and capture of Allied supplies.

With only one page of rules!

One-Page Bulge started as a challenge. Was it possible to design a good wargame – and keep the rules down to a single 8½" x 11" sheet of paper? Play it and find out. Wargame rules don't have to be long and confusing!

It's a short game – but not a trivial one. One-Page Bulge is challenging . . . fast and playable, but a good representation of the last great German offensive of WWII.

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