March 30, 2023: More Pocket Boxes Coming Soon!

This summer, the Pocket Box line heats up with three never-before-pocket-boxed games. From party to strategy, we're covering all the bases with this new batch of boxes!

Caligula is an all-new drinking game based on giving silly commands and challenging dictates to your inebriated senators. As Caesar, players make laws for others to follow, trying to cause them to fail, take a drink, and ultimately go broke. The last one with coinage wins!

Proteus brings back our classic strategy dice game played on a chess board. Each side gets eight dice that start as lowly pawns, but you control what chess piece they turn into! Stronger pieces get more options just like in regular chess, but watch out – they're also worth more points to your opponent. 

Tribes brings a large-group social game to the lineup. 4-9 players form groups and build their tribe from the ground up, trying to procreate... (more)

The POCKET BOX was, for about seven years, the iconic Steve Jackson Games product format.  These hard plastic cases, sized to fit the same racks that held paperback books back in the eighties, were everywhere! 

We have designed a new POCKET BOX  and now we are reproducing these classic games of the 1980s.

Working closely with our partners at GPI, we have taken steps to scan original POCKET BOX games and prepare them for print.  Each title was scanned, reviewed by our team, and is as close to the original as we could manage.  The only changes to the games are the POCKET BOX design (note), the addition of "2019 Reproduction" to components, and a back cover sheet that is removable once the shrinkwrap is opened.

Truck Stop cover
Car Wars In Car Wars, players design freeway combat vehicles, with weapons, armor, and even body style. Then they take them out on the roads of the future – to come home 'aces,' or crash and burn.
Ogre The giant tank rumbles toward its target . . . its guns are destroyed, its movement crippled, but only a few defenders are left. Will they stop the robot juggernaut, or will it crush the Command Post beneath its gigantic treads?
Illuminati ILLUMINATI is like no game you've ever seen. It's a game of world conquest – not by guns or missiles, but by stealth and guile.
Battlesuit A complete game in itself . . . man-to-man combat in the world of Ogre. Each unit represents a single soldier in a powered-armor fighting suit (well, some troops don't have battlesuits, but those don't usually last too long).
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