Containers Have Shipped! (Also, Car Wars Sixth Edition Now on Kickstarter)

December 3, 2019

We cannot thank all of you enough for your patience on this project. The delays were unexpected and frustrating, but we can now officially report: The project has shipped from the factory! We will see the containers in Austin next month and we will start processing rewards as fast as possible. Note that this will be a multi-week project; there are a lot of rewards to pack and we have around 2,000 packages to mail. We will keep you updated as we enter the final stage of this project.

Car Wars Sixth Edition

In other news, Car Wars Sixth Edition is now on Kickstarter! Over 3,000 backers have unlocked several stretch goals; check out the campaign page to see pics, videos, and to learn more about this new edition of the classic game of autoduelling.

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