Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Winchell Chung, Dave Martin and David R. Deitrick

112 backprinted counters, 14” x 16” full-color map, 20-page illustrated rulebook, Combat Result Tables, terrain charts, this Pocket Box
Price $20
Stock # SJG1150C * UPC 080742099142
January 2020


From the World of Ogre

In the year 2085, a tank duel lasts only seconds. An entire battle ends in minutes. Nuke-firing infantrymen dodge across the battleground in powered suits, trying to come to grips with the enemy armor. And those armor units, both tanks and hovercraft, are deadly. Only a direct hit will take one out . . . a miss may stun the crew, but their machine will keep trying to kill you!

G.E.V., the sequel to Ogre, adds more detail to this fast-moving simulation of armored combat a century from now. G.E.V. is a new game – but it’s wholly compatible with Ogre. Stacking and terrain rules, new unit types, the Mark IV Ogre, and more . . . scenarios include Raid, Breakthrough, Ceasefire Collapse, and The Train. And within hours, you’ll be inventing your own!

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