Car Wars Expansion Set #4 – Armadillo Autoduel Arena

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Denis Loubet

One 32" × 42" arena map, 16 counters, and a ziplock bag to hold them
Price $10
Stock # SJG1150E4 * UPC 080742098985
January 2020


Get "Shell" Shocked!

The Armadillo Autoduel Arena has launched many adventurers on their quest for death or glory. Car Wars Expansion Set 4 – Armadillo Autoduel Arena includes the 32" × 42" arena map, a history of the Armadillo Autoduel Arena, a description of the area inside and outside the Arena, combat scenarios covering a week's schedule, and 16 color wreck counters – one for each car in the original Car Wars game.

This is not a standalone game.




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