Car Wars Expansion Set #1

Designed by David Grenfell and Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Denis Loubet

24 road sections, 124 game counters, rulebook, all in a ziplock bag.
Price $10
Stock # SJG1150E1 * UPC 080742099166
January 2020

Extra road sections and counters for your Car Wars game . . . for bigger and better combats!


  • 24 road sections: 4 straight, 16 curved (each one is ⅛ of a circle), two exits (one right, one left), and two crossroads. Each road section has “clean” road on the front and debris-littered road on the back.
  • 124 game counters: 8 oil slicks, 8 smoke clouds, 8 mines, 8 spikes, 16 single debris, 16 double debris, 12 obstacles, 8 handling markers, 8 speed markers, 8 chains, 16 barricades (of two types), and 8 grenades. (The last three counter types are not in the basic Car Wars set. Chains are explained in Crash City; rules for barricades and grenade counters are included here.)
  • Eight suggested racetrack/arena layouts, plus a new mini-scenario for racetrack combat.

This is not a standalone game.

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