Fulfillment Update

February 27, 2020

Packing and shipping rewards continues! We are sorry to report that this is taking longer than we anticipated, and today we made the decision to move the last of the Pocket Box fulfillment work to Warehouse 23. On Monday, we will start transferring inventory from the off-site warehouse into the Warehouse 23 building where the in-house team will take on the task of packing and shipping rewards.

There will be a slight pause in shipping while we move inventory. Ultimately, though, this will give us more control over the fulfillment stage and we will be better able to monitor progress and QC. 

At the moment, all we ask is for your continued patience. You have all been wonderfully patient throughout this campaign, and we cannot thank you enough for standing behind us and cheering us on.

We will have more news next week once we have shifted inventory into Warehouse 23.

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