Factory Update

November 21, 2019

The containers (yes, the project requires more than one) are booked and everything is now officially scheduled. At the moment, we expect to see the project reach our Austin fulfillment partner the second week of January. What happens once the shipment lands in Austin? The Warehouse 23 team will work with our fulfillment warehouse to pack and ship rewards as quickly as we can manage; as you can likely guess, this will take time because of both the number of backers and the complexity of the rewards.

We cannot apologize enough to all of you for the delays. The size of the project, combined with our insistence that these reproductions look as near-identical to the originals as possible, made the manufacturing stage take months longer than any of us expected. This is our most complicated print project of the year, and we appreciate your patience as we worked through everything.

Car Wars Sixth Edition Pre-Campaign Stretch Goals

For those of you who are excited to see the new edition of Car Wars on our schedule, we're happy to report that our pre-campaign stretch goals experiment is working well. We've opened a notifications page -- click "Notify me" on this page to be counted as a follower -- and we're running stretch goals based on number of project followers. See this Facebook post for details, and we hope to see many of you join the campaign next week!

Pocket Box In Stores

Once last bit of info on the Pocket Box campaign. With the market in its current state, we've decided that a majority of the reproductions created thanks to your support will not be offered to distribution. At the moment, we only plan to offer the Illuminati bundle box and Classic Games bundle box to distributors; all of the other titles will be available direct from us on Warehouse 23 and at conventions.

Additionally, once released, many of the titles will be priced higher than the Kickstarter prices that you paid. Between delays and expenses, plus upcoming tariffs, we have no choice but to raise the retail price once we start selling these items in 2020. 

Any questions? Please email kickstart@sjgames.com for support.

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